miércoles, 18 de septiembre de 2013


In my opinon whats happeing in Syria is not the best way to find a solution to the conflicts. 
A war is never the best way to resolve a conflict. But ofcures as in all interal conflicts there are political interests, like selling weapons. I think that this conflict is not only bad for Syria, but also to the countrys that are offering their support to the different parts. 
It all started with the Arab Spring, the firts country to fall was Tunisia and the other Arab nations fell. 
The rebels and the goberment agree in one thing they do not want the intervation of foreigne powers like the UN, OTAN, USA etc.  For the rebels it all would be over when the overthrough the goberment of  Bachar Al-Asad. 
althoug both sides claim they dont want any foreigne interversion, both are recving help from other countrys. 
The rebels are reciving help from the USA and France, the goberment is reciving help from China, Iran and Russia. All this countrys that are helping have some political intresting. 
In my opinion none of this countrys shuold be giving help. They would jus make the conflict and worts, and their are allready many inosent people dying.   
I know is hard to express a point of view in this situations, but dialogue should always be the first resource when ther is a conflict. But sadly sometimes the only way to make your voice be listen is by force, war. 

miércoles, 3 de julio de 2013

Carrier Week

Carrier Week

I want to studied psychology.  For me was hard to find someone that I could work for in a clinic, so I went with branch of psychology in human resources.
For that week I went to the Hospital San Pablo de Guatemala in zone 1.  The first day was really awkward for me, I was extremely nervous.  That day I spend a lot of time doing nothing, then they put me to order some files by number.  That was my morning of day one, in the afternoon they made me paste checks in their resets. I also went to the rooms to give a balloon to the patient; I really enjoy that because the family of the patient were really grateful for that.   I did not have lunch that day, so I went to the cafeteria and, oh my God, the food was not good. I learn my lesson and the next days I brought lunch.
The second day was pretty much the same. I felt more comfortable the second day, I actually chat with everybody in the office, they are all great and funny persons.  Some thing funny that happened to me was I a doctor was given me a raid back home, I was so scared he was going to leave there and he just laugh at me for being scared.  I felt like that the entire week. 
The third day they told me to do an inventory in the storage room in the bathroom. I was really freaking out, I had not clue of what I was doing. It was frustrating because I was in the bathroom counting and I got interrupted two times, I lost the count so offcourse I star all over again.  After that I was going to paste checks again, never seen that much cheeks in my life, that was boring.  
Fourth day of the week. I spend much of the day making bags for first day patients; this had to have toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, thermometer and soap. The last day of the week, was a slow day, so they put me to see the files of all the workers of the hospital, and make a list of what was messing in each file.
Although I wasn’t really doing something of my carrier I loved the experience. 

martes, 23 de abril de 2013

transitional expressions


I choose this video because of the message it transmitted to me.  It’s about this guy that needs to make a decision about his moms life, he dices to let life takes its natural curse. Most importantly  (EMPHASIZE) because of the part in which he tells to her mother how grateful he was with her and how much he loves her.  In the same way (COMPARE) the video transmits the message of being grateful and to love life. Now, (EXPLAIN) why this one and not another one that transmits the same? Well, because this one reminds me of everything that my mother does for me and how ungrateful I can be.
For instance (ILUSTRATE) think of all the times you when out being angry with your mom or went to bed after a fight whit her. How can you be sure you will wake up or you will return safe to your home or if something happened to her? Well we don’t know. In fact, (EXPLAIN) I have done these things and more. Also  (ADD) I have not received her in a nice way when she gets home for working.  But  (QUALIFY) why does this matter so much? Certainly (EMPHASIZE) because after all that she does for the least that I can do is welcome her with a hug and a smile.
Equally important (COMPARE) is when we do the same thing with other people; we shouldn’t take the things they do for granted. In summary , (CONCLUDE) we should be thankful all the time and express our fillings everyday.

jueves, 7 de marzo de 2013

Pottery Project

Well I tried to make a bowl, because I’ve seen it was pretty common in ancient cultures.  It doesn’t look like bowl actually and when I was making it I didn’t find any mining to it.  It starts taking mining when I was writing my story about it. The mining I gave to it at the begging was that it was kind of broken and ugly because it belongs to someone that has been in a tragedy. 
Although it is not a very pretty piece of pottery, it still can be beautiful to the eyes of someone how understands its background.  The meaning I gave it in the end is that it is a representation of not judging things by its cover. When I look at it reminds me of that, and I hope that people see it can understand it.  

martes, 5 de marzo de 2013

“Never, Never Give Up”
I totally agree with the statement, “Never, never give up”.  Because if you give up you would never ever achieve what you want. People think that you fail when you don’t accomplish a task at the very first shot, but I think failure happens when you give up.   If you fail at a task, just keep trying and remember this quote by Thomas Alba Edison, “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.
I agree and support this statement for many reasons.  First, because I believe life is about going for what you want and chasing your dreams, and if you give up you would never achieve them. Also because it is by failing that we learn. Giving up takes away the opportunity of learning; life is also about learning. Imagine that every time you begin a new project and obstacles appear in your path you give up, do you think you would ever accomplish something in your life? Of course you wouldn’t.
Giving up can become a habit. You may start thinking it is the easier path to follow.  Why go for the easy one if you can have an amazing experience if you go for the hard one? Things would never be easy all the time.  There is always a big or small obstacle or complication but that is how life is; you can’t go giving up every time. If you really want something go for it one hundred percent.
Another reason that makes me support this is the feeling you get when you were about to give up, but you didn’t and you accomplished it.  This is the most amazing feeling. Giving up takes away that and I think everyone should experience that feeling many times.
Keep in mind this every time you feel like giving up:

sábado, 23 de febrero de 2013

 Listening to Natural Speech 


1) Where does the video takes place? 
2) Where does he live before moving to Serbia?
3) Why does he bounce the ball so many times?
4) What is his native langue?
5) why does he began playing tennis?